Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year: Resolutions and Reflections

 Happy New Year!

Before we Jump into 2011, I want to suggest that you do something different from the traditional ‘New Year Resolutions’. Or, at least,
Do something else first
before you plan next year. Whatever you’ve achieved this year, and whatever challenges you’ve experienced, it really is worth sitting back and enjoying the journey every single step of the way by reliving magic moments in your life.

Find yourself a quiet few minutes…and lets specifically direct your focus within that time ... Where ever you are, Whatever you may be doing. Just notice the effects that this focus has on how you’re feeling – your emotions and sense of well being.  Watching, Listening, Being in the moment.

You see, a big part of life is celebrating the magic moments. I believe that at the end of your life you’re not going to remember everything… but you’ll remember certain moments…You may achieve a lot of things, but it’s the moments that’ll make you feel fulfilled. So think about some of your magic moments from the last year … what are some moments that come to mind for you….?

What are you grateful for? Who do you love? Who loves you?

Maybe there are some moments that have happened this year that have been special to you…A great conversation.. a moment when you really connected with somebody at a deep level. Somebody’s smile, laughter, maybe it was a moment where you came up with a great idea…. Or completed a challenging project.  An inspiring movie or book, something you saw, heard or felt that was just special in some way… how about a piece of music that really touched you? Flood yourself with the great feelings that come those magic moments.
Feel grateful for the ears that get to hear wonderful conversations, the eyes that allow you to see the smiles… the opportunities, the challenges, all of it… Take it all in…

And now what do you love about THIS moment, today?

Whatcan you be proud of already?
What are you excited about?
What could you be excited about if you really wanted to be?

Be grateful. Acknowledge how blessed you are. Bask in it.
And as you think about all these things, celebrate your life! And celebrate it BIG!

Happy New Year!

Abundant Blessings!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The 4 Keys to becoming a Successful Leader


     The first and most important trait of a great leader is a high level of decision making skill.
     Destiny is not a matter of chance. It’s a matter of choice.
 “But what if you make the wrong choice or decision?”      Too many people are on the fence for way too long because they are afraid of making a bad decision. But the biggest mistake is always trying so hard not to make any.  

2. TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY                              
       The second greatest trait a successful leader has is being able to take full responsibility for his choices.
     A great leader always thinks about what the situation needs, not just his own selfish needs.
     Countless studies have found that the most successful people are quick to make decisions and slow if ever to change them, where unsuccessful people are always slow to make decisions and quick to change them.
    A Great Leader Follows the Actions of Other Great Leaders and Studies what they do, how they do it and Takes Definite Action to apply what they Learned.  A Good Leader Borrows from Those they follow and makes it their own.

   AND SO..
      The most successful people out there, are those who can make the hard decisions, take full responsibility for their choices, and take relentless action towards their goals and Follows other Great Leaders consistently. Not Just some of the time but Always.
So, in 2011, Stand up and Take action. Become the Great Leader that you Already are and Shine the Brightest among the stars!!

How to Set and Achieve Your Goals in 2011

It's only a few days and we welcome year 2011. We are Reviewing the year that is about to be behind us.
At this point, it is only fitting that you will lay out plans ahead. All of these plans must answer the most important questions in your life:
  • What are my dreams?
  • What is it that I really want in life?
  • How do I achieve them all?
These questions all related to setting goals and achieving them. 
But how? You ask.
I found an Awesome Report by a gal named Arina.
It is intended to provide you guidance in implementing each step towards
your dreams, from setting your goals, identifying appropriate
actions to achieving them and finding the discipline to stick to
action plans. Its an Awesome Guide that will Certainly Help you Put Things into Perspective as we begin 2011.

Download it at:

Enjoy and don't forget to post your comments! ;)

May your Christmas and 2011 sparkle with moments of love, laughter,
and may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Abundant Blessings Always!