Time Saving Tips

Organizational and Cleaning tips To help save you time and money...

I'll be gathering my most favorite time saving tips from cleaning the home to keeping yourself organized as you telecommute so, come back often!

I'm sharing organizing tips for a woman like me, a work at home mom with a husband and a teenager. I have never found any tips that would work for my household, so in the spirit of necessity being the mother of invention, I have created my own organizing plan for work at home mothers.
When you're organized and clutter free, you'll find that your work at home "work life" enables you to be more creative and your mind also becomes clutter free!!

  Here are The Bottom lines and The rule's in organizing and cleaning...

  1.  Have a game a plan!!
  2. When going through your closet, donate items you haven't worn in a year and by all means after you wash your clothes and something doesn't fit right anymore or anything like that... put it aside in a bag to donate and as you go thru things daily, put those aside along with it.  I like to do this every 3 months and I like to donate to www.lupuspickup.org 
  3. Organizing drinking glasses by sizes
  4. Organize DVD's by genres, seasons, or trilogies. 
  5. Discard old shoes that are torn or worn
  6. Remove and personal items (bills, jewelry, purse, etc) that might be in your kitchen  ESPECIALLY get them off your desk.
  7. Separate your clothes by season.
  8. Make sure everything in your house has a place.
  9. Put waste baskets in every room.  It keeps trash in its place and its easier to gather up on cleaning day!
  10. Make everyday a day to do sprints of  10 minute cleaning up periods.  Do not wait.!! Everyone in the family should be taking part in this ritual/routine. 
  11. Set aside Specific time to do this task of the ole 10 minute sprint daily.  Its a must in my house and I like to do this before dinner time.
  12. Set aside 1 day a week to to the actual cleaning and get everyone involved!!   Heck, they live there too!

Additional Tips and Resources

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