About Michelle

Where it All Began...

Since you're reading this, we most likely have the same ambitions...to be a successful  Home Career Mom!  My dream to become a successful work at home mom began in 2005.  At the time, I was a Single Mom of  one great son! Adam was about 5 or 6 years old.. From the outside, it looked like I had it all, a beautiful house, nice cars, and I made Awesome Money as a Conventional business Owner.  My life Appeared to be everything that anyone could want. 

 But that was the complete opposite of what was actually happening on the inside.  I was in a very unforgiving, thankless Conventional Business that I was a Slave too. I worked 6 days a week 12 hours a day. I was trapped financially but most of all emotionally. I needed to find Time Freedom and make a positive change for my son and I.  It was so very important to me that my son grow up in a positive environment and have the luxury of having his mom. I could never be with him for field trips or stay home with him if he was sick.  I couldn't bare that any longer!
So I started looking for a "Plan B". I needed to make money but I also wanted to be home with my son.  The only option....become a successful work at home mom!  And I'd love to say bringing this successful work at home mom dream to life was easy,but it wasn't.  There was so much Junk on the internet.  Free things does not work and gosh, I'm sure you know what I mean... It can be darn right dream stealing when you see the garbage out there.

Before 2005, I tried so many things out there that never worked for me. Everything from lotions to potions, envelope stuffing, surveys, medical billing.... You name it, I tried it.  
If this sounds like you, keep reading.

The Fork in the Road

I'll bare my soul here... Back in early 2005, I was so fed up with the Conventional business that I nearly walked out of a job!!  That's correct. I couldn't take it anymore.  I saw myself at an early heart attack and considering that my dad passed at 33 when I was 12 because he just worked himself to death, I needed to get out.  I called my accountant and told him I was done.  He politely said "No disrespect but who will pay you 1000.00 a week because that's exactly what you need to maintain living in NY with a 2400.00 a month mortgage"
Well, needless to say, I felt so stuck. I hated that feeling!
But one day a few months Later, I saw an ad about Freedom at home and I answered it. Of course, being a single mom and a New Yorker... I was soooo Skeptical. I asked a lot of questions. I decided this was something I HAD to do now!!
I stayed up ALL night long doing the training and started working the next day. I had found my PLAN B!  Working at home has changed my life!  I look at myself now and I'm not even the same person I was five years ago. I have grown so much personally. I have conquered so many fears from from being a slave to a conventional business owner, having a huge phone fear, having a leading a conference call fear, having a talk on stage fear, etc. All that is GONE!  Focusing on WHY I needed to work from home kept a FIRE lit inside of me to keep pressing forward and facing every fear.  


         And Here is my beautiful WHY:    
            Allow me to Introduce you to my Son Adam   
           (This was Adam at about the ago of 10)

My Journey to Positive Change in 
Every way...

My Journey of Working at home has been so incredibly awesome but it hasn't always been easy.
I faced a very hard time in my life but made a decision to STAND UP AND FIGHT rather than falling down!  I went through a very nasty divorce, was facing foreclosure, my son had to be without me much of the time and I had to stay in a full time Conventional business that I couldn't take anymore. Up until I was able to replace that income and come home full time, my days went a little something like this. 

Wake up at 6am. Get my self ready to get out the door and get my son ready for school. Adam would consistently every day ask me "Mom will I get to spend time with you today"?
Greet Employees by 7:30 am and set there work orders.  Get out by 8am and field all customer bases through out a 100 mile radius and do all this by 5pm.  This meant no lunch and barely a dinner. On the go always. Many times it was McDonald's for me... Oh yeah.. This was healthy.
By 6pm I was gathering up field reports from employees and had to wait for each crew to come in before I could even go home.  I never knew what time I was getting in on any given day.
When I finally got it, either my son would be asleep already or It would only be about a 1/2 hour of time with him.
Then I would wake up and start all over again. Was it hard work? Absolutely! Did I fall asleep on my computer some nights? Absolutely! Did my house get messy? Absolutely!  Did I feel guilty about not spending a lot of time with my son? Absolutely!  Did I ever wonder if I was doing the right thing? Absolutely NOT!  

I KNEW that finding success at home was going to make a HUGE difference in my family's life and that it was going to bring me home again! I knew my situation was only temporary!! Making sacrifices for a year to come home versus working with a Brick and Mortar  Conventional Business for 40 more years was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life!!! My Son has a "happy" mommy again! A full time mommy with a full time work from home income! And that is an incredible blessing!  If someone would have told me five years ago that I would be a Top Producer in the work at home industry earning not only a full time income from home but earning Top Producer trips, I wouldn't have believed it.  It's amazing what you can accomplish when you take the leap of faith and just go for it! 

My Vision and Goal for YOU: 

I now have the best of both worlds, a career and the ability to be the mom I've always wanted to be. I have built a very successful business from home and am SO grateful for that. However, I continue to see many moms out there struggling to find work at home success! My passion is to help ALL moms, that want to, become successful Home Career Moms! That is my purpose and mission of this blog!  I have a lot of work at home knowledge and have helped MANY reach success as well.  I feel a huge calling to share what I know with all aspiring and existing work at home moms.  I will be sharing work at home ideas, tools to help you succeed and inspiration to keep you on track on your journey! And if you've ever worked at home, you know that there is SO much more to it than that. We have to balance everything!!! We have to take care of the family, cook, budget, the whole nine yards. We have to be Well Balanced Moms! With that being said, you will also find inspiration, motivation,  work/life balance tips on top of all the work at home goodies you will receive. To receive all of this and more, sign up TODAY:

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My Challenge and Vision for YOU!!

You CAN become a successful work at home mom! Believe in yourself and work your butt off!  Fight to get your life back!  Fight for the life that you and your family deserve!  The end result is soooo worth it!  I am living proof. How many single moms do you know that can be home full time with their kids AND make a full time income? Go out there and MAKE your dream come true!  Lets Go MAKE IT HAPPEN Together!