My Passion

What I am Passionate About
My Passion includes and is always first, My Son Adam. The absolute joy of Parenting a Son and The Joy and Trials of Being a Single mom; The fun of having 3 loving and cuddly cats (Children in their own right);  the many amazing friends and people that have touched my life over the years in different ways; the non profit world and helping children and families in need through scouting; educating individuals on how to work at home Part time and more than replace their job income; and a love for God.

I've found many similarities between my roles over the years.  As a Conventional Business owner for more than 20 years,I reinvented myself entirely as a work at home professional.  I was transformed initially from being Conventional Business owner who worked primarily with Employees Training them to be the best they could be, to a leader in The Non Profit world of Boy Scouting to an entrepreneur and coach in the home business world.  The common theme remains that I love helping people realize their potential!

My Mission:
My purpose is to empower and inspire others by living a daily life of faith, integrity, passion, energy, commitment, professionalism, and joy; and make a positive impact on every person whom I come in contact with and to assist others in believing in themselves that they have greatness inside, ability to reach their maximum potential and truly deserve to have it all.  I'm committed to assisting others in achieving their goals and dreams.