Friday, November 12, 2010

The One Word that will change Everything with your Presentation

As I continue to Train and mentor with Top Leaders in the industry, Its hard not to succeed.

And it wouldn't be any fun if I didn't share with you what I have just learned.

It is absolutely amazing and really has changed the way I open with my presentation.


Say LESS to MORE people.

It's so simple but most people try to EXPLAIN their

opportunity to their prospects. I'll admit it. I used to do

that BEFORE I knew HOW to talk to my prospects.

Here's the key: That's what TOOLS are for.

If you're in a great company with a great team, you are

bound to have some great tools at your fingertips to open

your prospects. Notice I said OPEN.

Remember this...another KEY:

Everyone is OPEN but few are INTERESTED.

If you ask someone if they are interested in an opportunity

to make more money, most will say NO...I"m not INTERESTED.

But if you ask them if they are OPEN to an opportunity to make more

money, most will say: Sure, I'm OPEN, I may not be INTERESTED,

but whatdya got?

Do you see the difference? One little word could make or break

your success in prospecting?

Once they are OPEN, then it's EASY to get them to a presentation.

I hope this note has Blessed you as much as it has Blessed me.

Michelle Stefferson

National Sales Director

Leaders of Tomorrow 2008

Top Producer 2010

Ace Council 2010

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  1. Great Post Michelle and tks for the tip we haven't talked in a while but you are a awesome leader :-)

    Linda Hinkle