Friday, October 7, 2011

Reasons Why You Should have a Blog.

Sometimes people say to me - why do I need a blog?  I have a company website already, what is a blog going to do for me?

Great question and there are so many reasons why a blog can set you apart tremendously as a go-to resource, and a leader in your company/business.

While many of us are also busy on Facebook creating notes, shooting YouTube videos and more, a blog is really the Centerpiece
of all of your marketing efforts. This is the place you want to bring people back to in order to really do business.

Social Media was not created for advertising, and yet we know business goes on there, and certainly leads and prospects are generated there. So, how do we move people into business mode? Through your blog, where you showcase yourself and your commitment to your business.

Your blog/site is your most valuable piece of online real estate because, let's face it, you don't own your Facebook profile/timeline or page; or your YouTube channel, etc. So, putting all of your eggs in that basket can be dangerous, if a site should suddenly change its rules!

Plus, social sites are designed for meeting people, building relationships and connecting with prospects; not for selling and pitching!

Here are five key things your blog can do for you:
  • Expand your credibility. Being known as an "expert" in your field is not about knowing everything, but rather just slightly more than your prospect.
  • Define Leadership. Just like expanding credibility, your blog can define your role as a leader through the content and real-life experiences  that you share. Allow your prospects to see your business from the inside when you share what you do day to day, week to week, month to month.
  • Generate online leads at random. People go online looking for all different things in the search engines. Each of your blog posts acts as its own mini website and can generate traffic and interested prospects through the search engines.
  • Create a learning environment before they sign up. Most of us focus solely on getting the sign up. Imagine training your prospect before they sign up and setting their expectations for the business. This can create a new team partner who gets out of the gate at a rapid speed.
  • Get  loved by Google. While no one knows for sure exactly how Google ranks websites, one thing is certain: they love fresh content and a site/blog that is relevant. You can move your site up in Google very naturally by being consistent and thoughtful in your blogging strategy.
Blogging is a great way to generate qualified leads and tie in all of your other online and offline activities.  It is a natural extension of your offline activities and a great way to attract and keep the perfect audience for you and your business!

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  1. So get loved by Google and Bing. Now try and put your blog on a Craigslist or backpage ad while making sure that the title of the Craigslist/Backpage post is the same as the title of your blog article. I bet that if it gets searched using the same title as the keywords, it would get at least the top of the heap...try it out michelle... Sidney at