Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Tips for a Killer Blog and Why you should have one

 5 Tips for a Killer Blog and Why you should have one

Blogging can be really productive for your small business, only if you know how to use this tool. The content of a good blog must be relevant to engage, attract and convert its readers to your online sales efforts. So, how can a work at home mom make a blog effective and increase the amount of readers?

You Should have a Blog because it helps people get to know you better and where you can share additional tips where otherwise your business website might not allow for that type of information.
It also helps others see you as a leader in your industry.

Know Your Audience and Then Target Them
You cannot write for everybody. Seth Godin in his book “All Marketers Are Liars” tells about the need to write for the audience. When you write think about specific people; think about your targeted audience. What will benefit them, how can you help, what stage of business development are they in and what might be their possible challenges. Although you can take the liberty to write about general topics, your primary focus should be to write about what will benefit your reader the most.

Stories Have More Appeal
Everyone – not only children – likes to hear stories. No matter what you want to communicate – whether it is exciting or typical boring business news – tell stories to your readers. Use metaphors and analogies to decorate your story and make it sound more interesting. But that does not mean you should leave out facts and statistics. You must include them in your story and there must be logic behind it.

Try to be a Real Person
A blog is not a lecture. It’s a snapshot of your perspective on a particular topic. You can take the help of examples and stories to communicate your perspective. A blog must also reflect the personality of the blogger. Readers can find a blog very informative but they do not connect to information, they connect to the author. Treat your blog as an extension of your business personality. It is a kind of a monologue, expressing your business opinion.

High Quality Content
The blogging space is highly competitive. It is important to make the content of your blog relevant, high quality and of course ,sharable. Provide some real good information to your readers that they will not find elsewhere. There are some people who write cat blogs. You know what I mean – these people only write about themselves and their cats. But a business blog is quite different. You are writing a business blog to generate business and so it must talk about your customers, their possible challenges and information that they might find useful.  

Optimize and Socialize
And finally, make your blog friendly to search engines and social networking platforms. Blogs that are easy to find and are shared on social platforms are a credible source of information. Do not stuff your blog with keywords and do not neglect them either. Search has incredible power for new readers because it gives them information at the time they need it. Socialize your blog. Use Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Linked in, just to name a few. Do not think high quality content is automatically sharable or shared.

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