Thursday, April 3, 2014

Killer Subject lines to use when Sending email campaigns

Here are more Awesome subject lines you can use as well.  Remember to Use their first name as well. It will get the email noticed more. And, always remember, the shorter the better!

HEY {FIRSTNAME} <<  Remember to use the merge code from your email communication center to merge their first name into the subject line.  All Email programs are different. Be sure to check what works for the one you are using.

here's your FREE report
here are our survey results
a fun contest
can you settle a bet for me?
tell a friend, claim your free gift
I still have your free gift
have you claimed your discount yet?
win these great prizes
free webinar
your free trial copy
free shipping this month only!
free tips for your [product]
question about project
did you know about this?
do you know anything about this?
a gift to help you [insert benefit]
what's my secret weapon?
can we make this work?
can you help?
something for you to think about
have you got this yet?
I need your help
are you making this mistake?
have you made these [#] critical mistakes?

You'll always have the most success with email promotions if you personalize your subject lines. For each of the following, start with your subscriber's name, followed by a comma (,) or a dash (-) and then the subject line. For example: Jeff, Can you help?

So, next time you are sending an email blast out to your prospects.... Be sure you are using one of these examples or something catchy and close to it.

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