Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Simplest Business Plan to get started working at home


The Simplest business Plan I know is to just get started...

What are your skills and what are you waiting for?

Don't get trapped into thinking you 'need to be certified or 
credentialed' and THEN you can build a business or start working at home.

START where you ARE!                 

  • What do you know?
  • How can you serve?
Meet a need and serve others.
THAT is the simplest business plan I know.

So many times we delay our start...we delay our success...
we delay our profitability because we are waiting on....

Waiting on kids to graduate
Waiting on kids to be born
Waiting on a marriage or divorce
Waiting on weight loss or gain
Waiting on health to return
Waiting on family to approve
Waiting on ______________________

Please stop waiting.    The Time may never be perfect.  The time is now!

Generations of folks have started working at home with never having done it before. They have started lawn care, childcare, ....

self-care, house cleaning, contracting business based 
on skills they already had and they just filled a need for 

You can do the same with YOUR skills even if you think you don't have any... You do!  I know you don't always think your skills or knowledge are 
valuable...but you are wrong.

Let me encourage you.
Let me show you.
Let me introduce you to many others who are 'just getting 
     started' without waiting!  That's what I did. And I'm so glad.

If I'd waited:

To be at the perfect weight
For my kids to be in school (or out)
For my health to be ideal
For the right credentials
For the software knowledge
For the market to stabilize
For the economy to regulate
For the House or Senate to agree...

We'd still be waiting...

But instead... 9 years later - I'm figuring it 
out as I go...serving beautiful folks like you 
as I go...filling a need as I go.

PS.. If you're waiting on the weather, the perfect 
idea,  the blessing from Oprah or the funding 
from Shark're going to be waiting a 
very, very long time.

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